Let’s face it: While setting goals can be fun and exciting, sticking to them is a challenge. How many New Year’s resolutions have you set, only to find that, by March, you have completely given up on them? Don’t worry, though: You are not alone. But the problem might not be that you lack discipline or aren’t committed enough. Rather, the problem might lie in the type of goals that you are setting for yourself.

There are certain types of goals that are bound for failure, but there are some types that encourage success. Keep reading to learn the best types of goals to ensure your long-term happiness and success.

Set Active Goals

A common mistake in goal setting is to focus on things you want to avoid. These are considered “dead man’s goals” because a dead man could be successful at achieving them. For example, goals such as “don’t eat fast food” or “don’t criticize people” are not as motivating as more active goals such as “eat vegetables with every meal” or “compliment three people a day.” You are more likely to be successful in your goals if you focus on what you will do rather than what you won’t do.

Focus on the Process

We all have somewhere we want to end up. The problem is that getting what or where we want doesn’t make us happy in the long run, because we eventually get used to our new life. Instead of setting goals that focus on a destination, try setting goals that are about the process. Then, you can find happiness in the journey and the person you are becoming instead of working towards an external reward and then having that happiness wear off.

Be True to You

Finally, make sure you set goals that align with your values. This is the key to staying motivated. If a goal is not in line with your beliefs and values, it will be easier to give up when difficulties arise. On the other hand, aligning with your values gives you a clearer perspective and a stronger determination to succeed.

At Le Med Apartments, we want our residents to live their best, happiest lives. Take some time to reflect on the types of goals you are setting for yourself, and apply these strategies to create goals that are true to you and will lead to your success and happiness.