Moving to a new home is an exciting—and stressful—occasion, and not just for people. About 67 percent of households in the United States own a pet, and those pets will likely go through a few moves of their own. With all of the hard work and preparation we humans put into a move, it’s easy to overlook how hard it can be for our pets. 

A change in environment is no small event for a pet. Whether your whole family is moving to a new apartment or a new pet is just moving into your home, the change can have a big impact on your furry pal. At the Le Med pet-friendly apartments in Azusa, California, we want to make sure you and your pets are happy and comfortable in your home. Here are three tips to help your pet adjust to a new apartment.

Introduce Them to the Facilities

One of your top priorities—and your pet’s—is teaching your pet to potty in the right place. Whether you are bringing an older dog with you to your new pet-friendly apartment in Azusa, California, or adopting a new young pup, it’s important to teach them where they can relieve themselves. Put a leash on Fido, head out for a walk, and take advantage of the pet waste stations located conveniently around the Le Med community.

Puppy-Proof Your Home

When you are bringing a new pet home, you may need to make some changes to ensure it is a safe and stress-free environment for them. Just as homes can have hazards for a crawling baby, they can also pose safety issues for a pet. Curious little critters can gnaw on electrical cords, eat food that isn’t properly stored, or even turn your clothes to shreds. 

These issues can be a nuisance for owners, leading to stress for your furry friend who keeps finding themself in trouble. Not only that, but chewing, clawing, or eating the wrong things can be downright dangerous for your pal. Do a favor for both of you and make sure your pet can’t get into anything they shouldn’t.

Make It Familiar

Bringing your pet with you to a new apartment or adopting a puppy or kitten can be stressful for them. They are moving quite suddenly to a new location, with unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds. Make their new digs as familiar as you can with a toy or blanket to remind them of home. If you are adopting, ask if the animal had a favorite toy you can bring home. If you and your pet are moving to a new place, surround them with toys and bedding they know and love. 

We love to welcome you and your pets home to Le Med. Our pet-friendly apartments in Azusa, California, are the perfect place to settle in. With these tips, you can be sure that your pets will be happy in their new home.